Yoga Programs

“Learn to Just Be” Yoga Series

When was the last time you allowed yourself to just be? Not too fret over being late for school pick-up, not to wonder what to cook for dinner, not to worry about the judgment of fellow moms. When was the last time you took a moment to breathe and to be? To be you. To be you in that moment in time, and to be you in that place in space.

While I won’t be asking you to forget about your children and step out of your role as a mother (or wife, or daughter, or friend, or any other role that requires your energy), I will give you the opportunity to sit and breathe, to find yourself, to arrive in your own body and your own mind, and just be. Even if it’s for just one hour.

Join me for a series of yoga practices designed to not only challenge you physically, but also remind you about the beauty of being mindful and aware of your being and surroundings. Taking care of yourself will only give you the strength and energy to take care of those who need you.

Love yourself so you can love others.

Program Design

WEEK #1 — Breathing Exercises, Meditation & Chanting || Fascia Release

Your breath is your life. Did you realize that? So why not dedicate time to that which keeps us alive? This session takes you through different breathing techniques which will increase your lungs capacity and help to calm the central nervous system. These nourishing breathing exercises set the grounds for meditation. It is during meditation when you truly relax and start to let go of the outside world. Meditation is the space where you start looking within and become aware. Chanting then wraps up this subtle healing process. Your cells are generously oxygenated, your mind is clear and you are present. Sound vibrations only deepen the positive benefits of the practice by energizing your whole body all the way down to molecular level.

Fascia is a connective tissue wrapped around all our internal organs and muscles. When you feel stiff upon waking up, it is this fascia that’s crying for release. In this class we focus on massaging the internal organs and gently stretching all major muscles in our bodies.

WEEK #2  Quads & Glutes

This week is focused on grounding into the here and now. When you think about grounding, you think feet and legs, right? We work on the foundation of your body, strengthening the things, tightening the tush, and then opening up the hips, creating flexibility and mobility in the hip joints.

WEEK #3 — Abs & Chest

Your favorite week I know. Abs and Boobs. When you feel strong, where do you feel it? At your core, isn’t it? The abs get a good workout and your Core Self is fired up ready to conquer the world. You’ll feel powerful, confident, and in love with yourself.

A second fun sequence focused on opening the chest, and literally opening up the heart to Love. Creating the space to give and receive love.

WEEK #4 — Neck & Shoulders 

A week focused on releasing the tightness in the shoulders, melting away any strains in the neck, creating space in the throat for your voice to echo beautifully into the world. You’ll become aware of unspoken thoughts and will feel the urge to speak your truths. Making way for self-expression will ultimately lead you to discovering your intuition and starting to trust it.

WEEK #5 — Classical Yoga Sequence || Breathing Exercises, Meditation & Chanting

The program concludes with a sequence of 15 heat-building and cooling yoga poses that will balance your energy.

The last class brings us back to breathing, meditating and chanting, completing a full cycle. We’ll discuss the applicability of what you have learned in this program into your day-to-day life.

Program Details

This program spans across five weeks with two weekly sessions. Program is year round, with the first group starting the week after Easter: 4/7 through 5/8. For this group, the sessions are held on Tuesdays and Fridays at 9am. Location will likely be Hermosa Beach, however for the future the plan is to get mobile and bring yoga from Hermosa Beach, to Redondo Beach, to Torrance, even to Palos Verdes.

The cost for all 10 sessions is $115/person.

$50 deposit when registering, fully refundable up to 7 days before class series starts. Balance of $65 due before first class. No make-up classes within the series, but you are welcome to take any of my beach classes for free. Maximum number of participants 7. Minimum number of participants 5. If applicable, you will be notified of class cancellation a week before program is due to start and your deposit will be refunded.