Private Yoga

I cannot stress enough how amazing yoga is. This is not just a personal, biased opinion, science has proven over and over the great effects practicing yoga regularly has on our bodies and minds, from increased flexibility and strength, to deepened awareness, to reduced symptoms of chronic conditions and quicker recovery from various ailments, to psychological trauma and stress relief.

In the West, yoga is regarded more as a fitness activity than a personal body and mind practice, and is practiced primarily in a group setting. Its benefits however, especially when practiced for therapeutic reasons, would be much stronger through personalized private instruction which is tailored to your body and your needs.

Unlike group classes, a private yoga session will always be customized to meet your needs on that moment. I may have prepared a heat-building sequence for you, but if you’re under the weather or are having a stressful day, I will change my plan to address your immediate needs. A private yoga session will always leave you feel lighter and at peace.

You may want to try a private yoga session with Ana H. if

  • you are new to yoga
  • you need help recovering from an injury or illness
  • you are dealing with a large amount of stress
  • you are ready to work on emotional and psychological traumas
  • you want to bring your practice to the next level and could use individual attention
  • you have a busy schedule and cannot make it to the local yoga studio for a class

I teach private yoga sessions in South Bay, at my home, or yours, or, when preferred, outdoors at a park or on the beach.

The price for a 60-minute private or semi-private (2 ppl) yoga session is $70. Additional charges may apply for travel time or studio space rental.

You have the option to purchase the following packages:

  • Six private sessions — $390 ($65/class; $30 savings)
  • Three-month weekly session package — $720 (four sessions per month, a total of 12 sessions; $60/class; $120 savings)
  • Monthly package with biweekly private sessions — $480 (two sessions per week, eight sessions per month, a total of eight sessions; $60/class; $80 savings)

I offer 75-minute private group sessions (3 – 5 students) at a location of your choice (5 mi radius around Hermosa Beach, no more than 20 minutes travel time) for $120. Great for a group of mommies who need to take a breather, or someone who wants to introduce their family or friends to yoga, or a relaxed slumber party.

You can also purchase gift certificates. What better gift to a loved one than an introduction to yoga for a newbie, or the chance to deepen their practice for an advanced yogi? All gift certificate purchases receive a free private yoga session that you get to keep for yourself or generously gift away.