Yoga for Businesses & Non-Profits

Corporate Yoga

It is becoming common practice for businesses, small and large, to implement wellness programs for their employees. There are great benefits for bringing yoga into the workplace, ranging from increased motivation and productivity, to better health and fewer sick days, to a stress-free and more enjoyable environment.

I propose the following sessions to release stress and improve focus and alertness.

Mindful Morning – breathing, meditation and stretching for an energizing start to the day (45 min)

Afternoon – lunchtime chair yoga session, focused on re-energizing the body and mind, and the digestive system (30 min)

Evening Extension – a flow stretch session to soften away the tightness accumulated throughout the day (60 min)

The starting rates for corporate yoga classes are $115 for a 60-min session, $100 for a 45-min session, $85 for a 30-min session. Depending on your company’s need, I may offer packages which will come at a discounted rate.

Contact me for further details.

Yoga for Non-Profits

I am highly interested in bringing yoga into homeless shelters, domestic violence victims shelters, foster homes, and any other institutions which cater to the needy.

Yoga has been proven to be highly therapeutic, not only in facilitating the recovery of physical illnesses, but also in reducing symptoms and improving the mental health of patients who suffer from psycho-emotional traumas.

Please contact me for rates. While generally the corporate rates apply for non-profits as well, I am willing to adjust the fees on a case-by-case basis.