About Ana H.

Ana H. – your yoga teacher in South Bay, CA.

My philosophy is that yoga instruction should be as personalized as possible, hence my focus on private sessions and regular five-student group classes. I offer individual alignment instruction for a safe practice integrated with bits of yoga philosophy that enable students to feel the benefits of their practice not only on their physical bodies, but at the mental and emotional levels as well. 

Nothing that I have done in my life prior to 2014 indicated that I would one day teach people something. Let alone something as meaningful, spiritual and personal, as yoga.

Things happen when you are ready for them. It took 30+ years for the one thing that I am meant to be doing to come to fruition. It was worth the wait. I am now teaching yoga in South Bay.

Mukti YogaI am a graduate of the Yoga Teacher Training at the Mukti Yoga School, in Manhattan Beach, CA. I completed a 50-hr training in Yoga Therapeutics, as the healing aspect of yoga is what I am primarily interested in, and a 50-hr training on Chakras Vinyasa, to foster my understanding of the energy centers and their co-relation to the yoga practice.

I embarked on the yoga teacher training journey for the purpose of deepening my own practice, and perhaps with the intention of gaining enough understanding of the underlying aspects of the practice to enable me to create a smooth ride for my parents through their aging process.

As I was expanding my knowledge of the benefits of yoga, becoming familiar with the human anatomy and psychology and studying yoga applications to improve or heal pretty much all health conditions, and experiencing the power of breathing meditation and yoga nidra, I started feeling that it was becoming my responsibility to share the growing knowledge I started to possess and use it to improve people’s lives.

I still have my parents in mind, but I now want to talk to everybody about yoga; I want to guide all expectant mommas through a flow sequence that creates more oxygen and more space in their bellies for the growing lives inside of them; I want to convince every man I meet to give yoga a chance so he’ll find the flexibility and release in his body that would reduce the effects of gravity and leave him feeling lighter; if only people with high-demand jobs would understand the importance of taking a moment to breathe and let go, I’d guide each and every one of them through a restorative session filled with mindfulness meditation; I wish all people of older age had access to yoga, to keep themselves moving, stretching and breathing life energy into their bodies and minds.

My desire is to be able to guide you through the process of healing physically and emotionally, aiming to bring you closer to and eventually into the space where your body and mind would connect. There is no greater satisfaction than having you experience the huge physical and spiritual benefits of this practice.

My goal is to eventually offer my services for free to all, because especially those who cannot afford the “luxury” of a yoga class are most of the times those who need it the most. That being said, money makes the world go round, and puts food on our table and clothes on my child. In the meantime, I came up with a compromise and I am currently working on developing a program through which I offer a free private yoga class for every two private clients I have. I am reaching out to local non-profits who work with victims of domestic violence and the homeless to have them become part of this program. I will share more information when available.

Be challenged. Be healed.